Autumn Art for Little Larks


During the autumn half term ran some autumnal craft sessions for children aged 2-6, where we supplied the materials while you supplied the creative spirit! Little ones were encouraged to paint and print with seasonal fruit, veg & leaves, create a stickman family from fallen twigs, and make a pine cone owl and an autumn leaf collage.


The sessions were lots of fun and proved to be very popular with children and carers alike. Here are some of the ideas with step-by-step instructions on how to make them at home.  With thanks to brilliant craft blog  Red Ted Art for the Pine Cone Owl and Stickman family ideas.  Enjoy!

Pine cone owl decorations


To Make your Pine Cone Owl Babies you will need:


- One pine cone per child 

- Some cotton wool balls

- Some felt in various colours (for eyes and beaks

- Googly eyes

- Thin strip of ribbon, 15cm long

- a little glue at the very end


1) Begin by unravelling the cotton balls to create long cotton wool strips and stuff them into the pine cones. No glue needed in this part of making your pine cone owl!


2) Once your owl is sufficiently stuffed make sure there are no loose bits hanging out. Cut circle and and triangles for the eyes and beak out of the felt, if they are able to, encourage the children to cut these themselves. Use a little white glue to stick these on.


3) Once the felt and beak are in place, add googly eyes. and then tie the ribbon to the top of the cone to make it into a hanging tree decoration

Autumn leaf Collage


With Autumn upon us, one simple and lovely activity is to create collages with leaves. Of course, what else!?


All you need is some leaves (you can try flattening them for a few days beforehand), twigs, cotton wool, feathers and whatever else takes your fancy, a glue stick,  and some pens.


Then leave them to it to discover for themselves!

Stick man family


To make your stick man family you will need:


- Sticks

- PVC glue

- Googly Eyes

- Fabric scraps

- Brown or green pipecleaner

- scissors


1) Start by gluing on the eyes and wait a few minute for them to dry


2) Dress your stick man in glue on a square/ rectangular piece of fabric by simply wrapping it around the stick and gluing the end.


3) You can give him arms with a brown or green pipecleaner wrapped twice around.


4) Older children may want to add a scarf with a thin strip of material, or paint the sticks with 'hair' or 'hats'

Fruit & Veg Prints


To make your veggie prints you will need:


- A3 sheets of  paper

- poster paints

- plates for the paint

- flat sponge pads

- a knife and chopping board

- firm fruit or vegetables that you have at home. We used sweetcorn, carrots, red peppers, apples, and potatoes.


1) Chop the veg/fruit in half, dip into the paint and stamp away!